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It would be nice to say that I don’t keep changing the plot but then if I was organised I would be writing something here; it would all be organised, structured and controlled by an Agent and Publisher – it isn’t.

I’m not geared for fame or bunches of Reporters and Photographers whilst Gloucester Police charges me a thousand a year for patrols no-one ever sees.

As you can see from the Tory/Labour and ‘wring your knickers out here’ party – none of my characters are honest and just lie to get power and they don’t give a shit once they are in power.

Bliar started it and he and Mandy thought they could control – Murdoch and the Mail/Telegraph think they control – the people of this country have enough intelligence to feel they control.

My book has politicians but I tend to keep them as self-defeating idiots who destroy themselves as much as anyone.

Don’t even take this stuff as more than raw.

It is a work-in-progress but I have included earlier thoughts to try and put some flow into it.

Thanks for being loyal.


Ten thousand of them had been caught by the floods and with limbs bound, those who couldn’t find debris to float on, sank. Four thousand of those nearest to the Lodge had survived but survival was all they could manage and when they learnt that the Admirals could have set them free there were instant cries of vengeance.

Tona the Roc, finally managed to transmit a message to those who could hear her, “Barely a few survived of the twenty thousand to the west. They were dumped and left whilst James Droga headed to the north-west. They didn’t even have the option of the key. The crooks are Jamesson and Matira … I think they wanted everything and even betrayed their own. With yourselves there are probably thirty four thousand of us left and we need to work together to stop these Admirals from controlling us and using us as slaves.

David Jamesson watched the prisoner’s faces as freedom finally happened. Houses had been created around all of the castles and most of them were now under or near water but the rocks, apart from the ones that landed had now left this area of the sky and the waters were receding.

All that was left for the prisoners was the support from the land and the animals roaming it that had survived but even rotted carcases were being eaten by the Wolfen and this helped to keep disease down. Reluctantly half of the prisoners moved towards David Jamesson’s castle while the other half started the long journey to James Droga – some seventy miles away. Some mistook another castle from James Droga’s and detoured ten miles to the south to find it unoccupied although the gates were open and one floor of it was furnished. At low tide they were able to enter through the gates but didn’t linger as the tide started to come back in. They did find some fresh water lakes, however, en-route and that allowed them and the animals they were driving to drink.

It took about a week before James Droga looking out from his Manor saw ten thousand prisoners approaching. Due to yet another computer glitch, the build of his castle was some five mile away on the coast to the north-west from his Manor whilst his barracks were built some ten miles to the north-east, leaving the Manor completely isolated and defenceless … something that hadn’t escaped his attention and nor did ten thousand prisoners suddenly appearing on his doorstep; still they did have livestock and with no defences he decided to meet them and their leader – Sallesh, who having dealt with David Jamesson was selected to deal with James Droga.

James, who’d already received reports that most of the country allocated to him had been virtually washed away was not at his happiest when Sallesh demanded his chain and jewel to free the prisoners, still manacled but faced with instant death if he didn’t he didn’t bother to argue … it seemed to be his only chance of survival. He knew he’d been set up; either by the Admirals or the politics of Dwarvia.

The political parties of Dwarvia were so devious that families rose and fell in esteem and his was one of the foremost in invasion and wars … a lot of Dwarfs disliked the power his family possessed and he felt this was their revenge against his family by the weaker families of Matira and Jamesson.

The key was instantly used and Sallesh looked at him for a long time before speaking, “The other Admirals tried to bargain. You haven’t?”

What is the point? I’ve been betrayed as much as you have. What do I have left? You have livestock; I have very little. My castle is miles away, as it my barracks and I cannot face ten thousand people, even if I wanted to.”

At least you call us people; your other Admirals call us prisoners.”

I accept life … they think they control it.”

Where are the towns and other villages that other castles have.”

I originally landed where I thought I should be but the scout ship had been programmed to bring me here. There are castles to south-east and south-west. They are probably swamped with water by now but the waters are starting to recede, I hope, and once cleaned up should be habitable but I wonder whether this planet was ever truly mapped. How many more rocks will arrive in the sky?”

I don’t know, Admiral Droga but it looks as though you are as much a victim of Dwarvia as we are. There is fresh water here and in return we will leave some beasts. You gave your key willingly and for that, at least, we will consider there is an offer and our acceptance and that is an agreement. Do not break it!”

Go in peace, Sallesh, the agreement will not be broken by myself.”

Sallesh looked around and saw that already fires were being lit; animals killed, and he looked towards the nearby forest for his own meal. They would wait and then head to the other castles.


Chapter II – Betrayal

Left to their own a life of sorts started to evolve. The Slurms essentially disappeared; the Humans, Dwarfs and Trons lived above ground although the Trons preferred the forests as did the Minuets who lived in the trees. The Rocs, Wolfen and Rock Trolls headed for the rocks and mountains. With telepathic abilities they were in communication at times and this left everything fairly peaceful. The one odd thing was Rafus Matira – a distant relative of Martan Matira who joined the prisoners heading for the lodge and onwards to David Jamesson’s castle carrying his books of magic.

Unbeknown to them, however, five Armada Class ships with a hundred thousand prisoners and a bunch of war hungry Admirals was on the way and this time the Admirals ensured they wouldn’t be landing in Scout Ships with a few guards. Each Admiral’s entourage was a thousand strong and their Scout Ships were Gunships. They were looking forward to resistance.

Life finally settled down in a spirit of co-operation. The floods receded, the causeway remained and, if anything, seemed to be wider – it was now ten miles wide and fifty miles in length, escorted to the south by a mountain range now inhabited by Rock Trolls and Roc birds.

Some green areas rose from the sea and still stayed above sea-level; a stretch of water from Jamesson’s castle to virtually the coast with Matira also stayed firmly in place.

The Lodge was now accessible to the degree that it was inhabited by four thousand prisoners and a thriving town was building up around the Lodge as other prisoners flocked to it.

The ex-prisoners still called themselves the prisoners – it seemed a good name and especially when dealing with the Admirals.

Martan Matira had now moved to Toshon and was trying to build a castle in front of the rocks to the south bit for now, life seemed to have settled.

Thirty light years away, five Armada Class prisoner ships halted.

The crews were now waking up the Admirals and the news was not good.

The engines should last the forty light years to reach Destraight after they had virtually failed, leaving five Armada Class Prison ships with malfunctioning engines some ten light years from Dwarvia meaning if they turned around, it would take forty to a hundred years to return to nothing or one hundred and forty to four hundred years to reach Destraight.

An emergency meeting of Admirals assembled on the Noctra. Marcel Droga from the Lloap; Stefen Matira from the Mastra; Peter Jamesson from the Noctra; Percival de Bowed from the Speca, and Argus du Storme from the Mightnare.

Who did it?” Shouted Marcel Droga, “and to all our ships—”

Someone fixed these ships before we left – they put degraded parts into our systems and they will degrade more as we travel. In essence, we’re abandoned in space. Forty years to a hundred years to return to nothing; one hundred and forty years to four hundred years to reach our target system and rule.”

Thank you, Peter, but we already knew that,” Stefen Matira looked around the table, “who set it up?”

What does that matter, Stefen. It was done, and before we left!”

It matters to me, Peter! Who would have the ability to sabotage our ships to break down after we are too far from help but reduced to a crawl to reach any target and what target are we reaching for?”

Anyone of the peace party, Stefen. They don’t want us to make people respect force; they want control and to throw away all we achieved … this way we are out of the way for between forty and four hundred years and by that time we returned, if we chose to, they expect to rule with no-one to challenge them.”

Damn Politicians. We have the ability to blast these traitors on Dwarvia—”

What would be the point, Stefen? It would take forty to a hundred and twenty years to get there and how would we prove they’d destroyed us and we don’t have the men to attack Dwarvia.

“—We’re fighters not politicians. We might as well sleep and make our own world to Destraight – we’ll just sleep a little longer. It won’t take much to clear it out and we have enough prisoners to start planet life as we decide. At least this time, we have brought women with us to make sure this world breeds good, healthy, dwarfs who will produce good, healthy, children and we will build our own empire.”

We just destroy everyone else?”


Then we might as well sleep, Marcel.”

The Admirals returned to their own ships and sleep. The crews put the ships on automatic and settled themselves down. They would either arrive or not and no-one monitored anything as they slept on a journey set for an unknown planet with no arrival time.

On Destraight, Martan Matira slowly built his new castle in Toshon with the rocks to the south of his castle and a town to the north. His new castle was fairly elaborate although it could improve with a good manager but unlike the computer glitched builds from the first planet landing, it possessed more than one habitable floor and its castle walls seemed to go on for ever in every direction.

Martan’s castle now nestled with the rocks stretching from the south-west to the south-east for as far as the eye could but with the salt lake, there was only a single person path to Matira and the east side of what was now known as Toshonia. Two people could use the path but only if they were very close friends. One was rocks you could climb over, the other side a salt lake you could paddle. The only route left in reality was the other end of the salt lake by David Jamesson’s castle.

David Jamesson had called his territory Ascania whilst James Droga spent most of his time trying to hang onto his undefinable properties to the north-east and the only names he thought of are those usually paraphrased using the 2nd level of the keyboard.

Between the three Admirals and the prisoners there seemed to be a quorum. The reconciliation board, when it met, comprised the three Trons who represented the prisoners, and the three Admirals with six Minuets taking notes for both sides.

Tron leaders also acted as telepathic links between the Admirals which frightened them to a degree as the Trons didn’t edit the true thoughts of the Admirals before they past them on but it worked. Honesty, when all the subtle games you thought to play are made public and documented by the Minuets as everyone laughs and you don’t like to be laughed at.

Life moved on, and people – a generic term on Destraight – built their own kinds of life and worked to build their own dreams.

In space there were five ships that might interfere with those thoughts! Or then again, might never arrive to interfere.

Everyone who dominates, thinks some-one or something else will pay for their amusement … they usually become blind as they play with things – often children and then they store funds and in their blanked off minds, market them … perhaps they don’t think any more of the world … ignore the warnings until even the Politicians learn and act for their own renal ends … the world was never that bad; the fools thought it was; or did they; did they just watch the snow moving down from the mountain and enjoy the view as it moves towards them?

Revenge is often a dish that changes so much but it still festers; distorts, and is disjointed as it moves through emotion, vision and belief until it even becomes religion in its festering state and Gods fester on belief, but everyone doesn’t need a prayer or are trained from childhood that a world will fail if they don’t believe in Gods or Goddesses and on Destraight there is no belief in Religion and these Armada Class prison ships were as silent as the grave.

They slowly moved on with the engines failing by the day and it looked as if four hundred years for the journey was optimistic but everything and everyone was shutdown to save energy. The shields were still at full force but it seemed only a matter of time before they began to fracture but with everyone in stasis and everything reduced to a minimum, the power might last out or they would never know if it didn’t!

On Destraight life was fairly simple. The town around the Lodge was booming. The planted some kind of wheat, trees and had herds of animals held in pens whilst the united to force wolf like animals from the land and they were helped by the Wolfen, who were three times the size and communicated with the Tron leaders who everyone accepted. The Trons also communicated with the Admirals via other Trons and ensured issues were discussed and solved.

After its initial failures the land was finally developing. Mines were being opened up and quartz, iron and minerals were being hewn.

Destraight, however, wasn’t that careful and a lot of mines and deep holes were being left as they dug holes and left them. There was ore running into water supplies and contaminating them, and some of the mines were dug too deeply and poorly supported with them collapsing leaving miners buried underground and a meeting in the main plaza was being held as I write.

It wasn’t only the Lodge that was two hundred foot high; various element to the west and south were two hundred foot high. The town itself was a semi-circle around the Lodge which was its centre but like all of the computer builds from the first landing – odd.

There were streets, a court, some other buildings that range from a hundred foot to thirty foot in height. It had evolved as its people evolved and like them, seemed a mess but it helped as they led real and not fictitious lives. Some of them were strange and no-one asked the wooden Trons about their young or the Minuets – they both essentially lived in the forests and were only seen at meetings – and being telepaths often didn’t need to be anywhere but both were fundamental to the working of Destraight and were tolerated and trusted, even though they didn’t mix but life moved on, on Destraight and it did this for nearly five hundred years until once, they its people saw five red objects appearing in the sky and headed to their bunkers.

After the loss of life when the first rocks appeared in the sky the people of Destraight had, almost as a religion, created and buried supplies of water and food. This was changed regularly and used as animal feed. The safety buildings were designed to be watertight and could take, in theory, the earth moving, with emergency tunnels and exits leading from them.

The aim was to allow enough people to survive. The Trons being wood, would float, and the Minuets and Rocs could fly but the Rocs and Rock Trolls had taken refuge in the high mountains and should be safe against anything.

The biggest danger was to the Wolfen. No matter how people adjusted, they had never adjusted to the Wolfen who were now virtually driven to extinction although people claimed to have seen them at times. The Wolfen for their part, could also claim to have seen people at times but they kept to themselves and the old ways and they knew how to hide, often calling themselves ‘the Old Folk’. They tended to only speak to the Rocs, Trons and Minuets so it wasn’t that surprising that they seemed to decrease in numbers.

Possibly the same could said for the Armada slowly approaching Destraight but if anything was knocked off the ships in their space travel, no-one was awake to know and the Admirals had made sure there were no telepaths amongst the prisoners, although the prisoners did not contradict this assumption.

Life just slowly moved on. Destraight worked; there were problems but when everyone is told what the leaders are really thinking it embarrasses everyone.

Finally five red ships arrived in the sky and scout ships descended.

The Admirals stayed in the skies and the scout ships mapped the territories and reported to the five Admirals who now sat in a conference which like a lot of meetings where the same person takes the notes moves in only move in one direction – as domination by the Admirals – the Admirals weren’t even interested in Government bullying; they would build their empire and dominate it, as they had, dominated so many planets. Control would be absolute and they would rule.

The only topic on the table was where to put the Clean Bombs.

They didn’t want their planet messed up; just everyone cleaned out but as with every plan, where was the actual life to clean out. The prisoners weren’t in their correct positions and that made the Admirals uneasy. There was water and Rocs which interfered with their ideas of a clean bomb.

It had taken a while for them to decide to use a clean bomb; most of the Admirals favoured dirty weapons and coming back at some point when they had destroyed a planet but there was no coming back from this planet and they had agreed to change the texture of the bomb casings.

This way, when the thermonuclear explosives detonated, the power would not be contained within the warhead but move ahead of the warhead and explosive force thus reducing the main force but put the radiation ahead of the bomb while weakening it so the radiation killed people but left the buildings standing and the Admirals loved it and so it wasn’t Scout Ships that were scouting Destraight but attack ships seeking for targets.

The people of Destraight watched as the ships circled above them and most had immediately panicked and run for the bolt holes – the politicians ran for their castles and the bombs reigned on the castle; the prisoner drop points and because at least one Admiral could not resist destroying, lethal bombs also rained as he turn the air and land into something no-one could endure … his name was Percival de Bowed – a name now remembered.

The various races had already moved as much as the could. The Trons above ground were burnt alive and so were the Minuets. The Rocs and Rock Trolls had protection but the bombs of the other Admirals penetrated and killed whilst Percival de Bowed’s bombs destroyed the land and the races.

Those who’d managed to get deep enough survived by instinct but a land and its people were killed for glory and possession – even though it would be years for them to enjoy it.

Four of the Admiral’s bombs were targeted at the Castles to kill everyone in them, Percival de Bowed’s were targeted to destroy not only his castle but render the Droga’s castle, Manor and Barracks a refuge for the dead and again forty years before anyone could land.

Only the Admiral’s rules save him. No Admiral could attack another at the Meeting Table but Bowed’s actions had rendered the planet a disaster for years. Those who had survived were now subject to two types of nuclear explosion. They gone underground where they were still alive and now would live underground for at least forty years and for the egos of the Admirals.

The power of the Attack and Scout ships was a drain on the Admiral’s space support systems and tubes now automatically appeared onto the planet without waiting for the forty years and people were dropping in, in more ways than one, before the Admirals realised. Four Admirals of one accord left disaster as the power ran out and they were running for the tubes to the polluted planet as all the ships lost power but only one Admiral had nuclear protection and a very limited lifespan when he landed.


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