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One of the main issues was that I came up years ago with nothing more than a poem called Mioned. Whose eyes were covered at birth as she was effectively blinded and had two guards whose role was to make sure that if she died, it was by misfortune. The Guardians made sure she had plenty of opportunities to die as, if they killed her, they couldn’t inherit.

Mi Kee came into my thoughts as a Magistrate that allow rules to happen and just nodded them through as it was his job. As a Chinese magistrate he watched the killing of thousands because of the rules

Then he found a form of conscience as he watched two lovers about to be beheaded and realised what love was as he plunged into a pool.

Inter-spacial magic is not easy thing to understand: nor why; who; or what it feels you should understand or what you do understand.

It probably makes it up as it goes alone, like a Tory Politician on Brexit with a weak useless Prime Minister who as the Home Office Minister basically destroyed policing and the borders in this country.

Time and space like a Poltician’s goals are easy things to discuss, especially when you don’t know anything;  you then have a bunch of war loving dwarfs; planets that were minding their own business and a planet now bent into a life it never sought – austerity as a value.

I started with just ideas; I knew the ideas were growing and decided to let them; I thought I might have gotaway with a quick Mi Kee but now; Trons, Minuets, Old Folk, Wolfen; Killing Dwarfs; Killing Royalty; Planet keeps being blasted apart – and the killing is by the people/objects – not killing them.

Loosing the machine with my finding cuts here, old copies and forty pages of print of ideas/already written whilst I start to understand what I have started changed everything including building a machine that is well protected – Internet and Internal Security-wise.

Thanks to people who put up with my words and I do hope to make it worth your efforts.

I am now about to start a new start:

“The hubbub or Dwarfup stopped for a moment as everyone breathed out – shame about the diets.”




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I'm now working on Astoria. Sci-Fi/Mix of Future and Past. Dwarvia decides to rid herself of several hundred thousand Prisoners plus Dwarfs who've made the mistake of falling out of favour - big-time. Published books: Parky's Lunch, Afters and Teamtime, and Magic Midnight are the books in the Parky's espionage series. FYOG - Don't Wait Up and I May Be A Long Time are the two books in the FYOG series. The Good, The Bad, And The Awful Poetry Book is not that awful and all available on Amazon. Dave served with the Royal Navy for 8 years including 2 years in an ex Japanese Execution Camp in Singapore before embarking on a career of Accountancy and IT lasting some 40 years in Europe, the UK and the Far East before writing. During his Royal Naval Service Dave represented 500 guys on a Welfare Committee for two years and worked on two Royal Tournaments including putting up pay with the Bagpipes practising in front of his office and the RAF Dogs joining in behind him. Leaving the Royal Navy Dave worked in a Funfair and a Pub of the Year in London. Born in London, Dave lived in Chelsea for 10 years and now lives in Gloucester. Dave on Amazon is https://www.amazon.com/author/davepage
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