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Chapter I – Dwarvia

The roof of the Dwarvian Political House pictured a lot of things – usually the latest conquests although they’re were more battles in the house than were ever fought outside but the Political parties fought so much for their conquests to be seen that Dwarvia seemed to be nothing more than a transit camp for a picture show across the roof with split-second updates and the commentators were now becoming more famous than the battles.

The house, and the planet, do a degree was governed by five Political Parties: Droga; Matira; Jamesson; De Bowed and Du Storme. It was a case of Dwarf eat Dwarf and they didn’t worry about whether there was any relish. The De Bowed and Du Storme were junior in most quarters and treated as such. The Droga’s. Matira’s and Jamesson’s essentially ruled and all were blue eyed dwarfs grown to about 5 foot 4 – the maximum height for the Space Corp.

Mi Kee met his wife, when at a dinner, she sat beside him after he intruded on a marriage ceremony, thinking he could sit at an end table to pay for the seat and donate to the marriage and be left alone to think. His time to think was short as Maa Laal sat down and looked at her father who shook his head and pointed to a vacant seat, and Maa Laal shook her head and then argued and fought as female relatives gathered around her until the Priest stepped in and stopped them as it brought dishonour to the ceremony.

Finally Maa Laal gripped Mi Kee’s arm and forced him to walk to her father where both knelt and a knife was placed in her father’s hand and he place the knife across Mi Kee’s throat, pushing it in until blood ran.

Mi Kee looked at his possible father-in-law and took the knife from him, cutting himself from his chest to his abdomen, letting the blood run. Then he gave the knife to his potential father-in-law, who handed it to his wife.

She took the knife and sawed the stump of hair from her daughter.

Then she put the knife on the throat of her daughter and looked into her eyes.

You take this man, against all we believe in. Cut your throat after you cut his and you will live together in peace. You will never live in this family again.”

Maa Laal would never be called beautiful in a thousand years, but it would take a few more years for Mi Kee to earn his button and the button more than beauty mattered. Her mother had never found anyone for her and she knew her father had decided on Mi Kee but he was allowing her mother to try and destroy him – the blood still running down him and to then in a act of the worst spite at a marriage ceremony to bar from the family if he accepted Mi Kee … her father had encouraged his wife to attack her and now she would be outcast to a Class One Magistrate with nothing and no family; she stood upright, bowed to her mother and then to her father in a deliberate breaking of all bounds – taking Mi Kee’s hand she turned to him, “I don’t know what games are being played but I will lay with you!”

Let me speak to your father; I bowed before him; he must allow us to be together. He had the knife to stop everything?”

It is not the knife, but my mother. She hated that you gave my father the knife; she lost power as you gave him the power … she will never forgive that?”

It hadn’t easy facing her father, who was marrying his other daughter off, and facing his face that moved dramatically and often organically as he ate and looked at Mi Kee and at no point apart from spitted meat did he address Mi Kee.

Mi Kee was, as usual, late in leaving his office and headed as usual for his eating hole to find a wedding in full spat. The table in the centre was usually awash with food and gutters ran out from the table but they were cleaned and often.


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I'm now working on Astoria. Sci-Fi/Mix of Future and Past. Dwarvia decides to rid herself of several hundred thousand Prisoners plus Dwarfs who've made the mistake of falling out of favour - big-time. Published books: Parky's Lunch, Afters and Teamtime, and Magic Midnight are the books in the Parky's espionage series. FYOG - Don't Wait Up and I May Be A Long Time are the two books in the FYOG series. The Good, The Bad, And The Awful Poetry Book is not that awful and all available on Amazon. Dave served with the Royal Navy for 8 years including 2 years in an ex Japanese Execution Camp in Singapore before embarking on a career of Accountancy and IT lasting some 40 years in Europe, the UK and the Far East before writing. During his Royal Naval Service Dave represented 500 guys on a Welfare Committee for two years and worked on two Royal Tournaments including putting up pay with the Bagpipes practising in front of his office and the RAF Dogs joining in behind him. Leaving the Royal Navy Dave worked in a Funfair and a Pub of the Year in London. Born in London, Dave lived in Chelsea for 10 years and now lives in Gloucester. Dave on Amazon is https://www.amazon.com/author/davepage
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