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I'm now working on Astoria. Sci-Fi/Mix of Future and Past. Dwarvia decides to rid herself of several hundred thousand Prisoners plus Dwarfs who've made the mistake of falling out of favour - big-time. Published books: Parky's Lunch, Afters and Teamtime, and Magic Midnight are the books in the Parky's espionage series. FYOG - Don't Wait Up and I May Be A Long Time are the two books in the FYOG series. The Good, The Bad, And The Awful Poetry Book is not that awful and all available on Amazon. Dave served with the Royal Navy for 8 years including 2 years in an ex Japanese Execution Camp in Singapore before embarking on a career of Accountancy and IT lasting some 40 years in Europe, the UK and the Far East before writing. During his Royal Naval Service Dave represented 500 guys on a Welfare Committee for two years and worked on two Royal Tournaments including putting up pay with the Bagpipes practising in front of his office and the RAF Dogs joining in behind him. Leaving the Royal Navy Dave worked in a Funfair and a Pub of the Year in London. Born in London, Dave lived in Chelsea for 10 years and now lives in Gloucester. Dave on Amazon is

#amwriting #amwritingfantasy Talk about MCs

Somebody said, “I should blog about MCs.” My first drafts are written at the keyboard and that is my choice. I want the flow of thoughts to go into this machine and not write like a teacher with everyone and … Continue reading

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#amwriting #amwritingfantasy thoughts

  Please understand. I’m thinking about two worlds and a simple book is now, no longer simple. I’m not thinking of Dwarvia but Astoria. I haven’t developed the ideas to any degree even though I’ve written two inches of ideas … Continue reading

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#amwriting #amwritingfantasy Time

Trying to actually get time to write in peace is a non-event. Training as a DBA with phones ringing and twenty different questions on eight databases is fair training. What causes the problem is back to not only loosing all … Continue reading

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#amwriting #amwritingfantasy there is some thought

The idea started with me trying to produce a funny, silly almost fun-take of adventure stories. Mi Kee via a Vortex would arrive with a Saltwater crocodile; a parrot; two very large Cats onto a long shingled path that led … Continue reading

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#amwriting #amwritingfantasy Some writing stuff

I’m sitting and writing. Probably from my backside. Gone over it a couple times and will properly edited it tomorrow. Posted it below. Dave Laseith didn’t take long to find the gutter although she’d now slit her gown to thigh-high … Continue reading

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#amwriting #amwritingfantasy – writing

I’m editing, recreating and rethinking as I work. I still need to come to the basics of the story and re-write that, or do I – I do know what I’m doing although I prefer to not know? Now I … Continue reading

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#amwriting #amwritingfantasy Free Amazon e-books – today/tomorrow

FYOG – Don’t Wait Up FYOG – I May Be A Long Time Parky’s Lunch Parky’s Afters Parky’s Teatime Midnight Magic All should be available from Friday until Sunday with one exception. They are actually quite decent. FYOGs are futuristic; … Continue reading

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