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#amwriting #amwritingfantasy there is some thought

The idea started with me trying to produce a funny, silly almost fun-take of adventure stories. Mi Kee via a Vortex would arrive with a Saltwater crocodile; a parrot; two very large Cats onto a long shingled path that led … Continue reading

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#amwriting #amwritingfantasy Free Amazon e-books – today/tomorrow

FYOG – Don’t Wait Up FYOG – I May Be A Long Time Parky’s Lunch Parky’s Afters Parky’s Teatime Midnight Magic All should be available from Friday until Sunday with one exception. They are actually quite decent. FYOGs are futuristic; … Continue reading

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#amwriting #wip Update

Without going on more about the system failing and taking out everything, the Beast is built and I have no excuses, anymore, for failing to write. In fact, I have now edited the 165 pages to date. The main problem … Continue reading

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