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FYOG almost defines a battle between the families that rule and their own children rebelling. Everything is green  and the rubbish from Politicians that we get, means they know, so power supplies shut down in the winter and work in … Continue reading

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FYOG – Don’t Wait Up FYOG – I May Be A Long Time Parky’s Lunch Parky’s Afters Parky’s Teatime Midnight Magic All should be available from Friday until Sunday with one exception. They are actually quite decent. FYOGs are futuristic; … Continue reading

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#RA #amwriting #amfantasywriting Dev/thoughts

Does dealing with NHS and it’s arrogance and stupidity appear in my books. NO. No-one would believe it, I prefer to uplift my readers and take their cares away; unlike Jeremy Hung who like May has failed as a Leader … Continue reading

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#amwriting #poetry A break

These were written, often as Tag or as a result of it, back  98 – 2000. I don’t really write Poetry anymore. Dave In the supermarket we danced Back and forwards in our song Of failed romance Challenging our courage … Continue reading

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#amwriting #wip Update

The good news is that I finally managed pretty badly to write the front-end to match the other writing. The bad news is that I’m realising I’m writing a saga where the story I started with will be buried and … Continue reading

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